FALL RIVER  ̶  Bishop Edgar M. da Cunha, S.D.V., has reappointed Kevin R. Kiley (in photo) as Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer for the Fall River Diocese for a five-year term, effective earlier this spring. Kiley was first appointed to both positions in April 2016.

According to the Church’s Code of Canon Law, every diocese is required to have a Chancellor and a Finance officer who may or may not be the same individual. The term of Finance Officer is specified as five years in the relevant canon (Can. 494, §2) after which time the incumbent officer may be re-appointed. There is no fixed term to the position of Chancellor.

In this dual role, Kiley performs duties as CFO and COO with overall operational and financial oversight for the Diocese of Fall River, a Corporation Sole.  He acts as a business partner with the Bishop in carrying out strategic initiatives of the Diocese and oversees finance, audit, budget, human resources, benefits administration, property and liability risk, information technology, lay and clergy pension plans, facilities and real estate, communications and public relations, general counsel, safe environment enterprise, pro-life and Project Rachel, and archives. The Chancery staff oversight is twenty-eight full time employees.

As Chancellor, he serves as the Notary of official documents and is the chief record keeper, managing the gathering and safeguarding of all diocesan documents.

Bishop da Cunha’s re-appointing of Kiley to a second term followed highly positive consultation with the Diocesan College of Consultors and the Diocesan Finance Council.

In his letter on the re-appointment, the Bishop expressed his gratitude to Kiley for his “willingness to continue serving” the Diocese of Fall River.

“I look forward to continuing sharing with you the mission of serving God’s people and seeing the many fruits of our work and of your important role in this service,” Bishop da Cunha wrote.

For his part, Kiley acknowledges that his first five-years had its share of challenges but also rewards.

“When it comes to administration, the Bishop’s vision with regard to financial transparency, financial sustainability, safety protocols and human resource management made it clear as to what the Chancery team’s priorities were, and they delivered exceptionally well,” said Kiley.

He is quick to credit the “extremely talented” Chancery staff and lay volunteers that serve on various advisory boards “that have made my job so much more effective and enjoyable, and I cannot thank them enough.”

Looking forward as he begins his second term, he observed, “The next five years will be even more challenging as we emerge from the pandemic but if we place these challenges in God’s hands and work cooperatively and collaboratively, we will achieve successful outcomes.”

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