FALL RIVER — Successive PEW surveys have shown that the number of people actively associating with a religion is on a steep decline and, in particular, the young are the most vulnerable. In 2019, 44 percent of those in the 18 – 29 age range selected “none” as their religious affiliation – which is up from 23 percent in 2006.  Research also shows that the greatest reason for this decline in religion results from secular myths misstating the facts.  Jesuit Father Robert J. Spitzer has dedicated almost 20 years to reversing this decline by presenting scientific evidence that thwarts all secular myths – including those regarding the existence of God, our soul, and Jesus’ divinity.

The Diocese of Fall River Catholic Schools Alliance is pleased to announce that Father Spitzer will present “The Scientific Evidence of the Existence of God.”

DATE:               Thursday, November 18, 2021

TIME:                7 – 8:30 PM

LOCATION:      Bishop Connolly Auditorium, 373 Elsbree Street, Fall River, MA

COST:               FREE

RSVP:                info@catholicsa.org

“It is so alarming to hear that the average age for when a child decides against religion is 13 years old,” Father Spitzer (in photo) explained. “Most parents or teachers are not equipped to answer questions from their children when they ask about myths learned either from their friends or the internet.  So I created modules to act as a companion to the Catechism of the Catholic Church designed specifically for middle school through high school students. It gives me great pleasure to help address challenges facing students when it comes to the formation of their faith.  My favorite part of these lectures is the Q&A where I have been asked everything – and the ability to have an informal dialogue provides an additional opportunity for understanding and clarity.”

Bishop Edgar M. da Cunha, S.D.V., is very supportive of Father Spitzer’s efforts and welcomes all parishioners and students in faith formation classes to attend this very extraordinary event.

“We are thrilled that Father Spitzer is here to deliver this much needed message in person,” said Bishop da Cunha. “A lot has changed over the past 18 months since the beginning of the pandemic, and Father Spitzer’s message is more important now than ever before.  Whether you are 13 or 63, Father Spitzer resonates with everyone who desires a better understanding of God.”

Daniel S. Roy, Diocesan Superintendent of Schools, added, “The research and evidence that Father Spitzer has put into the creation of the Credible Catholic modules are exactly what our students need.  We are piloting the Credible Catholic modules into five of our Catholic schools this year, and hope to have the program installed into all 19 schools within another year or so.  This is exactly what our teachers need to support their students’ questions or address the misinformation they hear from the internet.  The overwhelmingly positive results by students after reviewing the modules cannot be ignored.”

Father Spitzer is a world-renowned Jesuit priest and philosopher of ontology and science in addition to being the former president of Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington.  Father Spitzer is probably best known for debating Stephen Hawking on the Larry King Live Show as well as many other TV appearances.  An accomplished writer, he has written and published 10 books on faith, science, philosophy, and ethical leadership, as well as numerous scholarly articles in scientific journals.  His modules can be found at www.CredibleCatholic.com and are freely available for download.

For more information about Father Spitzer’s November 18th presentation, please visit www.catholicschoolsalliance.org/father-spitzer.

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The Catholic Schools Alliance comprises administrators, teachers, staff, parents and clergy joined in partnership to educate the children of the Diocese of Fall River in Catholic faith and values. Our schools have a demanding educational culture that helps students from across the academic spectrum reach their God-given potential. With an emphasis on service and respect for the dignity of every person, we prepare students to meet the challenges of today’s diverse world and become meaningful contributors to society.

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More About Father Robert J. Spitzer

He holds a Ph.D. from Catholic University of America, and his academic specialties include: (1) philosophy of science, particularly space-time theory and transcendent implications of contemporary big bang cosmology; (2) metaphysics, particularly the theory of time and philosophy of God; and (3) organizational ethics and its relationship to personal and cultural transformation.  Father Spitzer is the founder and president of the Magis Center, and he currently appears weekly on EWTN in “Father Spitzer’s Universe.”

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